# Capacitor

Capacitor allows you to easily convert between FCPXML versions.

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For example, if you're working on Final Cut Pro 10.7, but you have an online artist on an older Autodesk Flame, you can convert from FCPXML v1.11 to v1.9.

Or if you have an old FCPXML in your archives, you can upgrade from v1.8 to v1.10.

If there are differences between FCPXML versions, Capacitor will offer a list of warnings that you can also export.

Because Capacitor ensures it outputs FCPXML following Apple's strict DTD rules, you can also use Capacitor to "clean" FCPXMLs - for example, it corrects this bug in Final Cut Pro's output.

It support both .fcpxml files and FCPXML Bundles (.fcpxmld).

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